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    Players can by as many businesses as they like. Each businesses prize is subjected to inflation as the player buy more of them. Every business pays out income in an hourly rate.

    Real Estates

    Name Income Level
    Super Mart 15000 11
    Penthouse 21000 25
    High Rise Apartments 40000 12
    Condominiums 110000 15
    Tower Blocks 160000 18
    Resort Casino 200000 25


    Name Income Level
    Garage 60 0
    Chop Shop 200 7
    Warehouse 600 8
    Strip Joint 4000 9
    Lounge Bar 8000 10
    Night Club 10000 10


    Name Income Level
    Fight Club 250000 35
    Record Studio 270000 50
    Film Studio 300000 50
    Oil Rig 350000 80
    Gold Mine 500000 100

    The Total income
    The Total income from every business is the player's Income. Income cash can be increased by buying more businesses and also by Obtaining certain special items to get an Income cash boost such as
    Money Train - Money Plates - 12% Income Boost
    Upkeep can be defined as the cost of maintenance for each of the players Armory. This upkeep expense must be maintained from the Income. Upkeep can be reduced by obtaining special item from assignments such as
    Taxing Troubles - Tax Bonds - 6% Reduction in Upkeep
    Cashflow is the difference between Income and Upkeep. This may go negative if the upkeep is more than Income. Upkeep and Income boosts will help you to have a positive Net Payout every hour even if the Cashflow is negative. Every player at all times must have a positive net payout.
    Net Payout
    Net payout is the hourly Income any player can make. This is the Final Payout after adding Income and Upkeep Boost to the cashflow.

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