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    Fight List

    Normal One on One Fights


    The player can choose to fight with any other Player. The only condition is the opponent must be in the fighting range; which is 20% of the players level. These fights can be started from Fight List. If player 1’s attack is stronger than player 2’s defence player one wins. Various factors that determine the strength of attack varies from Number of weapons to each weapons strength. The Attack/Defence upgrades will also significantly contribute to each Fight. The training levels also are a factor in determining the winners.



    If an opponent is too strong for you to defeat and you wants him dead you can place a bounty. These bounties will be listed on the hit list. The level range rule applies here as well. But if more than one player sets a bounty on single player, the attack level range will also increase in percentages of 10. Bounties can be claimed by anyone who kills the Listed Player.

    • Notoriety

    Hit List comes with Notoriety. As more players hitlist you, your Notoriety goes up by 10%. Notoriety is Increasing your Effective Level. Which means If you are Hitlisted by one guy it will Make you Notoriety as 110%. This means your Effective Level will be 110% of your current Level. ie. If your Current Level is 106, your effective Level with 110% Notoriety becomes - 116.6 or say 117. And a player at Level 141 with his attack range of 20% can attack down to - 112.8 or say 112. There for your Effective level going up with the Notoriety is, in turn, letting the Higher Levels to attack you.

    So if you are Hitlisted by more than one person, say 3 then your Notoriety becomes - 130%. This makes your effective level 130% of 106, which is - 138. Which will even let a Level 170 attack you as his 20% covers up to 136.

    Rival List


    Every player who defeated you in a fight will be listed here along with the number of hits he made on you. You can hit them back as many times as they hit you to settle the scores. The names stay on the list for 13 days. Level range rule doesn’t apply for the rival list.

    Boss Fights

    Every city has a boss. You fight them here. If you defeat them 21 times they will join your side as a Merc. Successful completion of Boss Fights is rewarded with Businesses and special items. After every Boss fight bosses will be hospitalised and Players have to wait for certain time to fight them again.

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