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    Gang Features

    What is a Turf?

    Turfs are areas that are owned and run by gangs. The owners of turf receive money from these turfs at a set rate which is distributed among the gang members. But only the gang member assigned as an Operator by the Gang Boss can collect this money. If an Operator misses collecting a turf two consecutive times, the gang automatically loses the turf and it can be claimed by other gangs.

    What is a Turf War?

    A gang can stake claim over as many as 3 turfs. Any other gang can challenge this claim. Once a challenge is made, war starts in one hour. The rules of Turf war are a bit different from normal war. Each Turf has its own rule of war.

    Turf wars have a weighted point system: a win can give a maximum of 10 points and kill can give maximum of 20 points, both based on the level difference between the two opponents. The war lasts for 1 hour and if the challenger is not able to defeat the owner of turf, the turf stays with the current gang. If a gang is holding multiple turfs, it will likely have to defend those turfs from multiple gangs.

    What is a Gang Operation?

    Based on their Respect Level, a gang can claim and operate various type of Operations. They can takeover Operations from other gang by challenging them. At a given time a gang can have max. of 3 Operations or Turfs.

    What is a Deathmatch?

    In a Deathmatch, a number of gangs go to war with each other. In a war, a ganf need at least 10 wins to be considers for a winner in a war. The last gang standing is proclaimed the winner of Deathmatch.

    Raw Mettle
    In this Deathmatch no diamond weapons can be used by your mob members. Also, no Mercs can be used.
    100 Posse
    In this Deathmatch only a maximum of size of a mob is 100 and Mercs are not allowed.
    Power Off
    No Attack and Defense Upgrades can be used in this Deathmatch. Nor are the Power boosts allowed. But Mercs will be picked.
    Death Race
    In this Deathmatch only Vehicles are allowed. Mercs, armor and guns are not allowed.
    The Riot
    In this Deathmatch only One-Time Armory can be used. Mercs and Boosts cannot be used.
    No Holds Barred
    No Limitations apply to this type of Deathmatch.
    No hospital. A player can be killed over and over again.
    Mexican Standoff
    Only Weapons. Mercs and Boosts can be used.

    How to join a Deathmatch?

    A Boss or a Right Hand can enlist his/her gang for Deathmatch by raising a stake. The Deathmatch begins when other gangs enlist for a match. In 24 hours, a Gang can participate in maximum of 10 Deathmatch and win a maximum of 2. The type of Deathmatch that a gang can join is randomly decided by the game. The timer for Deathmatch count is reset 24 hours after you do your first war of the day.

    What does the winner get?

    The last gang standing gets all the total loot money. Plus the player who raised the cash stake gets back 5x return on the amount he/she put in. Each war in Deathmatch is treated as a separate war, and based on the outcome of each war, gang get war spoils.

    What is Hit 'N' Run?

    A Boss or Under-Boss of a GANG can initiate an Hit 'N' Run on an opposing Gang. The opponent Gang is automatically selected on the matching levels of your individual gang members. A new Gang is given 2 weeks of protection from getting attacked by other players using Hit 'N' Run. A gang can use this time to get more powerful.

    Finding Hit 'N' Run opponents

    The game suggests opponents based on the average level of top 5 level players in your gang which becomes your Hit 'N' Run Level.

    Fight Rules

    The attacker gang (HnR initiator) can fight only the members from the defending gang with in their fighting range. Defending gang can fight any member of the attacker gang irrespective of level range.

    What are Boss Gangs?

    Boss Gangs are NPC Gangs that your Gang can fight. It works like a normal war. You can declare war on them and war will start in 10 minutes. These Gangs become more and more powerful as you fight the next wars. Also, the cash reward increases. Boss Gangs wars do not contribute to Tournament points.

    What are Cartels?

    Any Gang above Respect level 30 can form a Cartel. A Cartel can have maximum 10 gangs and a minimum of 1 Gang, but all of them must have the same color.

    During a tournament, when a gang belonging to one cartel wins from a gang of another cartel, the tournament points won by a gang are also added to the ranking score of Cartel. At the end of tournament, based on the total score, rewards are given out to top cartels.

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