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    How can I change my name?

    Go to your Profile. Click Edit tab under your Display Pic and there you can Edit your name for 50 Diamonds.

    What is attack range and how is it calculated?

    Attack range is 10% for the first 20 Levels and 20% for the rest. This attack range is calculated from the attacking player. For example: Level 100 can attack as low as Level 80 (20% of 100 = 20)

    Why am I attacked by a person beyond the 20% attack range?

    This is possible in 3 Scenarios:

    • When someone executes a Free hit on you for killing their Gang Member
    • When someone Hits you from Rival List; and
    • When you are Hit Listed by more than one player, when more people Hitlist you, your Infamy goes up by 10% and this in-turn increases the attack range by 10%.

    Why is there no Skill points for Boss Fight?

    After Boss Level 10 there are no Skill points for Boss Fights

    How can I reset the account?

    You can reset the game by going to Edit option in your profile. You can use the Reset Account option if you want to retain your Diamonds, Diamond Units and Mercs. This costs you 500 Diamonds. But there is a free alternative where you Erase Account, where everything will be removed and you can start over from scratch.

    Why my Boss Fight is Stuck?

    It is a display issue that can happen on prolonged use of the Game. Please close DTM and reopen it.

    Can I donate Diamond/Cash to a Gang Member?

    No, this option is not supported in the game.

    How do I get my Old account on my New Phone?

    It is easy if your Old account was connected to Facebook or Gmail. Please install Downtown Mafia on your new phone and connect to the game with your Facebook or Gmail account. (It is advised that you may go to Settings and add Linked Logins to connect your account to Facebook or Google account).

    Why haven't I received Skill points after doing assignments?

    There are no Skill Point rewards for assignments. They reward you with Diamonds and Special Boost items.

    Why I got fewer Skill Points on Mastering a city?

    The skill points given out on mastering a city is specific to the city. The tougher they are to Master, higher the Skill points.

    I haven't received a loot Item even after Mastering a Mission?

    Loot items are given out randomly from the special mission. Even after Mastering the mission you can keep doing it to get more of the Loot item.

    Where to find clues about loot items?

    Click on the image of the item and it will redirect you to a pop up with clues.

    How to bulk buy Armory items?

    Press/Click on the Image of the item. This will let you buy 1-500 of any item.

    Why can't I put more money into the Bank?

    Bank has a limit governed by your Level. As you gain level, the amount you can put in also increases. The bank Limit can also be increased by carrying out Special Assignments and winning the particular rewards.

    Why is higher level player attacking me in HnR?

    In Hit 'N' Run wars, the attacking Gang must follow the attack range rules. But the Defending gang members can hit anyone in the attacking Gang.

    I have purchased diamonds and haven't received it yet. Why?

    Try restarting the Game and Phone. If the issue still not resolved, contact us at with the purchase receipt and we will sort it out for you.

    What is a "Safe House"?

    When a player under level 20 is attacked more than 200 Times a day he will be kept in Safehouse for the next 24 hours. This is to help him get time to build his account.

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