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    How to Play

    What are the goals of the game?

    Each player can set their own goals and objectives in this game based on the race he/she chooses. These objectives can take many forms including: Character Level, Equipment Owned, Fight Record, Income Stream, Missions Completed, Bank Balance etc.

    How to get Cash?

    The amount of Cash you currently have in hand and not in bank. You gain it by completing missions, winning fights and investing in business. It can be stolen by other players fighting you.

    What is Income?

    Just below Cash, you will find income. This is the cash you earn in a fixed interval from your business investments.

    What is XP/Experience?

    Your current experience points and the number required to reach the next level.Gained by completing Missions and Fights.

    What is Health?

    Health is an indication of your character's current health status. It goes down whenever you fight or are attacked by another player. If it falls under 25% of you max. health you are unable to fight or be attacked by other players. Health refreshes at a set rate but can be gained immediately by visiting a hospital and spending bank cash. Max. Health can be increased by spending skill points.

    What is Energy?

    Energy is used up in fights with other players and Bosses. Energy refreshes at set rate. Max. Energy can be increased by spending skill points.

    What is stamina?

    Stamina is used up by completing missions and assignments. Stamina refreshes at a set rate. Max. Energy can be increased by spending skill points.

    What are Skill Points?

    Skill points are gained on level ups and on getting achievements. These can be used to increase Max. Health, Energy or Stamina. It can also be used to directly increase your Attack Power or Defense Power.

    Who are Mobs?

    When you recruit a player to your Mafia, your Mob Count goes up.

    What are Races and how to set one?

    Each player gets to choose a race at the very beginning of the game. It can only be later changed through Diamond or resetting your character. These races have various competing capabilities against each other.

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