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    New York

    Harlem - Boss: Mad Dog

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Pull a Two-Eleven Brass Knuckles Level 0
    Take a mob runner to the cleaners Rohm RG .22 Level 0
    The Personal Fight Level 0
    Make Peddler an offer Transit Van Level 0
    Hit an ATM Boss Key Level 1
    Break into a Mob Den Mask Level 3
    Reign in the local hoodies Level 4
    Claim the hood Level 5

    El Barrio - Boss: The Animal

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Bad Debt Collection Level 6
    Chop up a ride Riot Shield Level 6
    Case a joint Level 7
    Distract the Coppers Cell Phone Level 8
    Rob A Gun Store Monkey Wrench Level 8
    Hit the Gas Station Level 9
    Rob an electronic Store Steel Garrote Level 10
    Hold on to the Turf Level 10

    Hell's Kitchen - Boss: The Bishop

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Set Up A Ghost Payroll Colt Anaconda Level 11
    Do A Piece Of Work Level 11
    Set Up A Local Protection Ring Level 11
    Tax the dealers Level 11
    Rob a Loanshark Level 16
    Collect your dues Level 17
    Drive a motorcycle gang out of the neighborhood Map Level 19
    Bribe a Cop Level 20


    Roseland - Boss: Lady Vice

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Take on a gang of local hoodlums Volkswagen Van Level 21
    Smuggle in a shipment of Chinese Cars Level 22
    Hijack a Money Truck Level 23
    Get rid of police snitch gang Level 24
    Burn up a UK Drug Lord's den Fake UK Passport Level 25
    Steal a rival gun shipment Level 26
    Silence a Jury Level 27
    Make a mob boss toe the line Level 28

    The Loop - Boss: Moe The Capo

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Get to the Judge Level 42
    Whack a snitch Level 43
    Take out a rival's advisor Level 45
    Raid local police headquarters Toyota Supra Level 46
    Bring the city to a halt Level 48
    Buy The DA Level 49
    Prison Break: bring out some old friends from pen Level 50
    Ambush Chief Of Police Level 52

    Auburn - Boss: Babyface

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Trail a Cop Cop Level 30
    Bank Heist Level 32
    Destroy a Police Station Level 33
    Settling an old Score Level 35
    High speed highway heist Knight XV Level 36
    get hold of a crooked bookie Level 37
    Muscle In On execution business Level 40
    Fix a turf dispute of bosses Level 42

    Los Angeles

    Compton - Boss: Demitrius

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Intimidate A Local Mob Boss Level 60
    Multi Bank Heist Level 63
    Buy the new Chief Of Police Level 65
    Ambush a SWAT team Multi Grenade Launcher Level 66
    Central Gold Reserve Heist Level 68
    Steal A Mexican Gang's Goods Mexican Passport Level 69
    Throw a welcome party for FEDS Level 70
    Blow Up A Rival's Weapons Store Grand Cherokee Level 72

    Skid Row - Boss: Kronos The Slasher

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Raid a movie Studio Level 75
    Organize a gang of Tramps Level 76
    Make studio Boss an offer he can't refuse Level 77
    Setup Counterfeit Money Mint Level 78
    Assassinate your rogue Consigliere Level 80
    Plan A Massive Gang Riot Level 81
    Settle a property dispute of local mob bosses Level 82
    Take over the Land Mafia Level 83

    South Gate - Boss: Mr. Shades

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Destroy a Rival's Armory Store Level 80
    Assassinate a rival Mob Boss Level 85
    Raid a FBI Office Australian Passport Level 87
    Rescue a gang member from a Rival's Clutches Mercury Cougar Level 88
    Rough up a big shot Studio Boss Level 90
    Move into waste disposal business Level 92
    Buyout an escort agency Level 93
    Control the Hollywood Labor Union Level 95

    Las Vegas

    Fremont - Boss: Mr. White

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Buy-off gambling Control Bureau Level 120
    Start an underground Casino Level 120
    Blow up rival's Casino Level 125
    Diversify into Online Extortion Level 126
    Raid A Private Auction Hummer Limo Level 128
    Break into a Casino's Vault Level 130
    Take on the Russian Mafias Level 135
    Assasinate a visiting Politician Level 145

    Spring Valley - Boss: Deuce Vega

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Raze to dust a posh neighborhood Level 100
    Take over rival's construction business Level 103
    Make inroads in gambling business Level 106
    Build an underground arms store Level 109
    Spy on a gambling boss Pontiac GTO Level 112
    Kidnap gambling boss's mistress Level 115
    Run-ins with Gang Crimes unit Level 118
    Buy-off Gang Crimes Bureau Level 121

    Boulevard - Boss: Black Widow

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Poolside Massacre of Russian Bosses Russian Passport Level 130
    Fix a high stake Prize Fight Prize Fighter Level 135
    Setup a Casino Inc. Level 140
    Own All the Casinos Level 145
    Kidnap a senator Level 150
    Take out S.W.A.T squad Level 150
    Assassinate F.B.I Director Level 155
    Blackmail A Presidential Candidate Level 160



    South Hall - Boss: Ice Man

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Train crew of illegal immigrants Level 30
    Set up a drug lab Level 31
    Blow up rival's club Level 32
    Carry out Hits on enemy crew bosses Level 33
    Start a Protection racket Level 34
    Work with loan sharks VW Beetle Level 35
    Carry out Credit Card fraud Level 35
    Steal from an insurance company Level 40

    North London - Boss: Iron Fist

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Hire a crew of Hooligans Level 25
    Burn down a Police Station Level 26
    Trigger a riot in the City Level 25
    Intimidate a News Editior Level 25
    Stop the extradition of your gang member British Bren Gun Level 25
    Hack into Central Surveillance Center Level 26
    Setup deal with a Drug Lord Level 27
    Organise a racketeering network Level 28

    Hackney - Boss: The Jigsaw

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Assassinate a Councilman Level 45
    Blow up a city center Level 48
    Take out Rival's henchmen Level 50
    Take over Racing Stadium Triumph D100 Level 51
    Clash with the Russian Mob Level 53
    Make enemies with Turkish Mob Level 56
    Setup your own City council Level 58
    Protect your crime syndicate Level 62


    Chinatown - Boss: JOHNNY BROTHERS

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Shootout at rival's Chinese food joint Level 45
    Put a mole in Triad Crime Syndicate Level 48
    Raid the local Triad HQ Level 50
    Corrupt the city Councillor Chinese Passport Level 51
    Outbid rivals for city re-development plan Level 53
    Extort the Triad affiliates Level 54
    Protect the corrupt city councillor Level 55
    Assassinate the local Triad Boss ZH-05 Assault Rifle Level 57

    Walton - Boss: Lady Vyper

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Buy-off a government contractor Level 35
    Break into Governor's office Level 36
    Steal meds from Hospital Level 37
    Setup a base near the docks Level 38
    Hide a Cache of Arms Kommando Level 38
    Bump off the government contractor Level 39
    Intimidate the Mayor Level 39
    Massacre at Docks Level 40



    Moscow - Boss: Mad Russian

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Track down a Russian hacker Level 130
    Deal with the weapon Dealers RPG 7 Level 135
    Start Gun Running operations Level 140
    Set up an online Credit theft firm Level 145
    Kidnap an oil tycoon Level 150
    Pay-off a politburo member Level 150
    Put a mole inside Kremlin Level 155
    Take down the KGB chief Level 160

    St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg - Boss: The Gold Monk

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Blow up an oil refinery Level 160
    Take on a gang of Bratva Enforcers Marussia B2 Level 160
    Kidnap an oil magnate's girlfriend Level 165
    Survive the attack from Boevik soldiers Level 170
    Liquidate the Chechen mafia Level 175
    Break into a Gold Rubles Reserve Level 180
    Extort an ex-KGB drug lord Level 185
    Steal Russian nuclear secrets Level 200


    Mexico City

    Mexico City - Boss: La Tortuga

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Build a base for trafficking Level 69
    Setup a Cartel Level 73
    Attack the Federales headquater Level 75
    Attack the turfs of rival Cartel bosses Loco Racer Level 76
    Survive Cartel Retaliation Level 78
    Setup a network of Hitmen enforcers Level 79
    Provide protection to your local associates Level 78
    Take over all the local cartels Level 82

    Tepito - Boss: El Perro

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Set shop in Black Market Level 80
    Deal with sellers in the barrio Level 86
    Burn down the Shops of Rivals Level 87
    Defeat the Drug lord in a Street Race Mastretta MXT Level 88
    Set up network of underground warehouses Level 90
    Hire Contract Killers Level 91
    Takeover rival gang's electronic showroom Japanese Passport Level 92
    Defeat the Barrio Bravo cartel Level 93



    Sydney - Boss: Wrangler

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Setup a racket Down Under Level 87
    Break rival's smuggling ring Level 90
    Smuggle in endangered animals Level 95
    Set up a beach side base Brettingen Boat Level 100
    Steal Cargo of Thai Mob Boss Level 110
    Take control of Beach shores Level 105
    Deal with the local exotic Animal Smugglers Level 110
    Setup secure Human trafficking routes Level 120


    Melbourne - Boss: The Stingray

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Shake down the local bookie Level 120
    Establish a Bookie Racket Level 125
    Ice the head bookie of betting syndicate Level 125
    Loot the winning bets of rival gang Level 126
    Fix the Australian Grand Prix Mastretta Boomerang Level 130
    Buy-off the local Mayor for Port contract Level 135
    Build storage at Port of Melbourne Level 135
    Fight the syndicate for control of the port Level 145



    Tokyo - Boss: The Blade

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Set up a tattoo parlour as base Level 150
    Raid the Samurai Museum Metagloss Katana Level 155
    Kidnap the rival Oyabun's mistress Level 160
    Buy an army of Wakashus Level 165
    Disrupt a meeting of Yakuza Bosses Level 170
    Take over a speed car company Level 170
    Buy off the Governor Level 175
    Fight for the title of Oyabun Level 180



    Shunyi - Boss: Dragon Head

    Mission Name Loot Item Level
    Blow Up Triad's Antique Shop and Escape Level 60
    Kidnap a corrupt politburo member Level 65
    Steal rare artifacts from museum Level 65
    Attack the police chief's caravan Level 68
    Protect your Warehouse Level 70
    Hire a gang of Shaolin Thugs Level 72
    Setup cheap electronic goods business Level 75
    Send a squad to bury the local Triad Boss Hongli L5 Level 80

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