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    Can I delete my game account?

    Players can't delete their game accounts. Our servers have no access to any personal or private information about players. But, you can always Reset or Erase your game progress.

    Can I unlink my account?

    A link once made as primary is unique and can't be undone. It ensures that only you can access your game on any other device. Also, it is to discourage buying/selling of accounts. However, secondary links can be removed.

    Someone else is playing my account!

    This can only happen if you have shared your login credentials with a third person. In such case, that person can do anything with your account. So we strongly advise not to share your personal credentials with anyone. Also, check if a friend or a family member had accessed your account while you where away.

    Notifications are not always working!

    This can happen if you are accessing the same game account from different devices. This can cause notifications to be viewed in one device and not shown in another. Uninstalling the game in one of the devices can solve this issue at most times. If this is not solving the issue feel free to notify us at

    How can I set a custom Avatar for my game profile?

    Setting up a custom avatar is done through Gravatar account. To setup a custom avatar, you may have to first make a Gravatar account (Visit Gravatar is the best and most reliable way to create an online avatar. All you need is an email account. Register your email account with Gravatar and upload your Avatar image. In the game, all you have to do now is to enter the same email id in the Add Avatar section of the Edit section in your Profile page. Make sure you upload a 'G' rated Avatar.

    Or, you can just choose the Facebook option and your Facebook profile image will be used.

    Why can't I write on Walls?

    If you use offensive language in the game, there is a high chance your posting rights will be taken away. But, you may make amends by writing to

    Why was my account banned?

    In extreme cases, an account may be banned permanently for ignoring warnings from the developer about his/her conduct in the game or for trying to cheat/hack the game.

    How do I reset my account?

    You can reset the game by going to Edit option in your profile. You can use the Reset Account option if you want to retain your Diamond, Diamond Units and Diamond Mercs. But, if you use the free Erase Account option, all of those will also be removed permanently. To use the Erase Account option you will first sell off all your Diamond items including Units and Mercs.

    How do I disable notifications?

    Goto Settings tab in the game, and you should see the option to turn them off.

    Can I buy, sell or share accounts?

    Selling, buying, sharing or giving accounts to other players is against our Terms of Service.

    We cannot provide any support in such cases, and we reserve the right to ban any account that we find to have been transferred from one player to another without our express permission.

    There is a high chance the person selling the account will take the money and not give you the account, and there is nothing much we can do about it, unless you refuse to indulge in such activities.

    Can I share my login details?

    Always remember to keep you account safe from scams and criminals. What people claim as Hack if often a case of a person sharing his/her login information with some other person hoping to get some advantage in the game for free. In the end, only getting duped. You can keep your account safe by:

    1. Never sharing your Gmail/Facebook or Game Center details with anyone, including us or anyone claiming to be our representative.
    2. Avoid logging into the game from a 3rd person's device. If you do, always remember to logout from the service and also from the game by going to settings tab.
    3. Always purchase in-game currency from inside the game. Anyone offering the same from outside the game if probably out to scam or dealing with stolen credit cards and accounts.

    DynamicNext asked for my Password?

    Never share your passwords or credit card details with anyone. Our employees will never ask for such info from anyone in any case. If a player in game asks for such info. claiming to be our representative, please get in touch with support at

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