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    Every Gang will have 4 Types of Members. A Gang Boss, Underbosses, Right Hands and Gangstas. Boss creates the Gang for 50 Diamonds and he can Assign members as Underboss or Right Hand. He can start wars and Claim Turfs. Edit Gang features and Join Cartels. Underboss can assign Right Hand. Start wars and has access to many of the Gang Features. Right Hand can assign Right Hands and Start Wars. Gangsta's can war with the Gang. No special previlages.


    Gang members can Chat in this wall.

    Gang Arsenal

    Item Image Attack Defense
    Road Warrior 0fJnJOMusZ37nbNfn7KCzw.png?.png 180 230
    The Bullet 9Nac6wGDlCGDf_2aT8INHw.png?.png 50 50
    Street Hustler Tb3mCqagdsmJPKpfjOTXEg.png?.png 26 24
    Young Turk A2XoucBCb2qD3kYfmAS3BQ.png?.png 28 26
    UpSurger Rki4nbcIGb0lA_GExFzR1w.png?.png 60 55
    Elite rBXrKZ8ncucyLwklNxpKFw.png?.png 80 60
    Ace 62fa_DvWgvJTaCEam9x3Kg.png?.png 110 80
    Legend RPqaSmqhveARUrb1lZoH5Q.png?.png 140 120
    Eternal oHjvHUPTipwxJ88-5noAtQ.png?.png 180 150
    Demi Gods k8C8v4l5fXOGmsviT1sY6A.png?.png 220 190
    Street Hustler [GOLD] Tb3mCqagdsmJPKpfjOTXEg.png?.png 52 48
    Young Turk [GOLD] GSIha-ktppIwrIq_mIN14A.png?.png 56 52
    UpSurger [GOLD] zDr4RukKIrsFsNpX4FDhwA.png?.png 120 110
    Elite [GOLD] a0ek8V-K9cP3YybquKMF7A.png?.png 160 120
    Ace [GOLD] n5GWdyODYJrNqNJUwi4Mhg.png?.png 220 160
    Legend [GOLD] KqdzV3hl7c2vkX6SjxsWkg.png?.png 280 180
    Eternal [GOLD] Kw_zE8VzYO2CR3KLeRDlEw.png?.png 320 240
    Demi God [GOLD] _d0O5L05CmlL-YbbviYfhg.png?.png 360 280
    Armed Pickup ScdFhZ80Sd67QF4o2CLkIw.png?.png 130 120
    Range Rover Vogue 3px1FsP-jOA3DT-Gik53EA.png?.png 100 90
    Buick Roadmaster yQfroEwsuqRp1lRdJ0Y6GA.png?.png 80 70
    Ben G-Class PxskNtqSyFk1gkKRNeUB6g.png?.png 140 100
    Impala Lowrider -iSOtQt1rkiphdrKMaV0gg.png?.png 155 77
    Chopper EE1UzjLVbsaL-aT_-vEfyw.png?.png 154 310
    Speed Boat 9wCdvx25wmLpD5wr1pAjtw.png?.png 244 300
    Cop Car VEaPziQ0zmNBwp_viIgsAw.png?.png 310 234
    Western Star xgVlZTEomx4EsU57hhXHnw.png?.png 284 260
    Bulldozer jmVNxSPeimiOHvHd79Ixzw.png?.png 310 260
    R-22 hqGf13e-Suv4N22glz8Xeg.png?.png 325 285
    Bell 206 Helicopter oKjcy4h_bapqzZbgdjAHIQ.png?.png 345 302
    Luxury Yacht FY-pwd1KZdx1fsvsWbaGTw.png?.png 355 320


    Gangs that warred and defeated you will be listed here. You can retaliate them once in 24 Hours.


    Every action happening in the Gang will be logged under events.


    Gang stats are displayed here.


    Other Gangs can communicate with your gang using this wall.


    All the Turfs you own and Operation you carry out will be listed here so that you can do the collect without failure.


    War History Log.

    Gang Back Ups

    You can send up to 10 Gifts every day to your Gang Members, a Bullet Head or a Road Warrior. You can equip up to 10 a day too.

    Bullet Head.png Road Warrior.png


    Gang Name, Joining Mode(On Request or Open) and Gang Avatar can be edited under this tab.

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