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    Access your profile by Clicking on either your Level or your Name/Display Picture. It has four tabs

    The various reputations of the players are listed here. Level, Total Attacks, Bounty Claimed, Income, Kills, Bank Balance, Missions Completed, Mobs, Fights Won, Kickbacks Collected and Boss Fights.
    Entire Stats of a player is listed here. If a player attacks you and loses that is also listed as your Win.
    Every single item including Weapons, Armors, Vehicles, Special Items, Businesses and Mercs are listed here.
    Skill points are distributed here. They can be used to increase Max. Health, Max. Stamina and Max. Energy. Also, can be used to boost Attack or Defence. 1 Skill point provides 10 Health and 2 Skill points give one Energy.
    This where you can post your comments and other can post Mob Codes and comments specifically for you. You can delete a comment and block the user from posting further comments on your wall. You can pin the congratulations and other important comments.
    Crime Family
    Players can add Brother/Sister, Father/Mother, Son/Daughter, Uncle/Aunt, Cousin, Nephew/Niece, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Husband/Wife and Associate to their crime family by sending an invite.
    • Avatar Type - Choose from Male or Female
    • Set Custom Avatar - You can do this using Gravatar. Setting up a custom avatar is done through Gravatar account. To setup a custom avatar, you may have to first make a Gravatar account (Visit Gravatar is the best and most reliable way to create an online avatar. All you need is an email account. Register your email account with Gravatar and upload your Avatar image. In the game, all you have to do now is to enter the same email id in the Add Avatar section of the Edit section in your Profile page.
    Make sure you upload a 'G' rated Avatar.
    Or, you can just choose the Facebook option and your Facebook profile image will be used.
    • Set Profile theme - Please enter your Gravatar ( email id to import your avatar. The image will be used as BACKGROUND THEME for your profile page.
    • Rename Player - Players can Change their name for 50 Diamonds.
    • Races - At the beginning of the game, every player can choose from one of the three basic characteristics.
      • The Hustler (earns cash faster)
      • Runner (gains stamina faster)
      • Fighter (gains energy faster)
    Thees characteristics can be changed at the cost of 100 Diamonds.
    • Reset Account - It costs 500 Diamonds. Deletes all your game progress including level, xp, skill points, inventory etc. You will only retain your mob.
    - will NOT remove your diamonds, diamond purchased armory and MERCS
    - will remove BOSS MERCS
    - will remove TOURNAMENT REWARDS
    - will remove Casino Chips
    - Should leave your GANG first (if you are a GANG member)
    • Erase Account - It is Free. Same like RESET ACCOUNT... but this will remove your diamonds and diamond weapons too.
    - will remove BOSS MERCS
    - will remove TOURNAMENT REWARDS
    - Should leave your GANG first (if you are a GANG member)

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