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    There are four sub-divisions under recruit:

    Every player has a unique Mob Code. Using this code they can recruit a maximum of 8000 Mobs. On fights, these Mob members can one each from every category of Armoury. The maximum number of Mob any player can use at any fight is 5 * Players Level.
    If you are finding it hard to add mobs there are options to share the game with your friends and add them into the Mob. At later stages, you can make a gang with your friends to fight in Tournaments as well. To get Mobs faster you can share your Mob Code in ShoutBox or on Facebook pages and Forums.
    Every a player can receive up to 5 Gifts from other players every day. This can be Money, Energy, Stamina or Casino Chips. And Every day a player can send a maximum of 5 Gifts to his Mobs.
    The List of the player's Mob.
    The leaderboard which can be sorted by Level, Number of Mob, Total Wins and so on.

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