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    This is the amount of Cash you currently have in hand. You gain it by completing missions, winning fights and investing in business. It can be stolen by other players by fighting you.


    This is the cash you earn in a fixed interval from all your business investments. You can increase this number by purchasing more Business buildings.

    An amount equal to the total income will be added to your account every hour.



    Some of the inventory items you purchase (like weapons or cars) will have an hourly upkeep associated with it which is the cost of maintaining the inventory item in your Armoury. Your total upkeep will be the sum of individual upkeeps from all the items in your inventory.

    An amount equal to the total upkeep will be reduced from your account every hour as long as the inventory item is present in your armoury.

    Experience (XP)

    You gain XP by completing Missions and Fights etc which lets you level-up and unlock more advanced features in the game.


    This is an indication of your character's current health status. It goes down whenever you fight or are attacked by another player. If it falls under 25% of you max. health you are unable to fight or be attacked by other players. Health re-gains at a set rate but can be gained immediately by visiting a hospital and spending bank cash.

    Max. Health can be increased by spending skill points.


    Energy is used up in fights with other players and for fighting Bosses. Energy re-gains at a set rate.

    Max. Energy can be increased by spending skill points.


    To complete every mission and special assignments, players need stamina. It is required for various skill training as well. Stamina is rebuilt over time at a set rate. It can be bought for diamonds as well. Stamina timer can be reduced on obtaining certain special items by successfully completing Special Assignments. Max. Stamina can be increased with skill points.

    • Call of Cartel - The Medicine - 15% Reduction
    • River of Blood - Purple Fury - 15% Reduction
    • Lab Down Under - Stamina Booster - 40% Reduction

    Skill Points

    The Skill point is a special resource gained on level ups and on getting achievements. These can be used to increase Max. Health, Energy or Stamina. It can also be used to directly increase your Attack Power or Defense Power.

    Mob Count

    This is the total number of members in your Mob including yourself. You can recruit more members to your Mob using your mob-code.

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