DownTown Mafia (RPG) was launched in 2012 by DYNAMICNEXT on Android, iOS and Facebook. It is a text-based RPG themed in a mafia world where players compete with each other to become the biggest Mafia Boss of the city.
== Frequently Asked Questions ==
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*[[How to Play]]
*[[Introduction to Various Gameplay Features]]
*[[Introduction to Gangs]]
*[[Gang Features]]
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== The Story ==
You are back in your old hood and your old flame '''Jane''' tells you about the new gangs running the turf. '''Marco''', your oldest friend, who owns the biggest gun shop in town offers you powerful weapons, cars and ammunitions to fight the local gangs. '''Big Jim''', a former mafia kingpin and your godfather offers you his guidance and special deals to help you build your own mafia gang and take over the hood.
== The Game Play ==
You have to do various '''Missions''' in the town and '''Fight'' with other Mobsters to gain more Cash and experience (XP). Using the cash you earned, buy more Weapons, Vehicles & Armours which should make you more powerful and help you win more fights. You can also buy local '''Business''', which will give you hourly income and improve your cash flow.
Still wants more? take part in the the '''Tournaments''', were every player, gang and cartel goes head-on with each other every week... the fun is just endless!
== Frequently Asked Questions == * [[Hot Topics]]* [[Lost Account]]* [[My Account]]* [[How to Play]]*[[Introduction to Various Gameplay Features]]*[[Introduction to Gangs]]*[[Gang Features]]*[[Tournaments]]*[[Purchase/Deals]]*[[Terms of Service]]*[[Download Links]] == Basic Game Mechanics Play Features ==
* [[Resources]]
** [[Mob Gifts]]
== Gang War Mechanics Wars ==
* Gangs
* Cartels
* Hangout
== How To Play ==
Each player can set their own goals and objectives in this game based on the race he/she chooses. These objectives can take many forms including: Character Level, Equipment Owned, Fight Record, Income Stream, Missions Completed, Bank Balance etc.
== Missions ==
Missions are one way to earn experience, cash and in some cases special items that will you complete other missions. Missions can be done in various turfs located in cities around the world. For traveling to other cities in the world you have to use the Airport for traveling. All mission have requirements in terms of Stamina, Mob Size, Equipment and Level. Additional cities, turfs and missions are unlocked as you reach specific levels.
== Fight ==
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