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    Special War Tactics

    Raw Mettle
    In this Deathmatch, no diamond weapons can be used by your mob members. Also, no Mercs can be used.
    100 Posse
    In this Deathmatch only a maximum size of a mob is 100 and Mercs are not allowed.
    Power Off
    No Attack and Defense Upgrades can be used in this Deathmatch. Nor are the Power boosts allowed.
    Death Race
    In this Deathmatch only Vehicles are allowed. Mercs, armor and guns are not allowed.
    The Riot
    In this Deathmatch only One-Time Armory can be used. Mercs and Boosts cannot be used.
    No Holds Barred
    No Limitations apply to this type of Deathmatch.
    No Hospital in this type, a player can be killed over and over again.
    Mexican Standoff
    Only Weapons can be used, no Armor or Vehicles. Mercs and Boosts are allowed too.

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