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    What is a Tournament?

    Tournaments are Special Gang Events that let you win Special Gang Items or Diamonds or Cash Bonus. To enter Tournament Arena, a Gang has to win a war while the tournament is on. In a tournament all the Gangs are either Red or Blue. To While the tournament is active Gangs of both the sides war each other to get points (given based on Respect Level of the gangs). In the last hours of the Tournament, it goes into Heat Mode, during this time winning Gangs earn 2x points. Also, the Point Bar of Red vs Blue goes in a hidden mode.

    IMPORTANT: DOWNTOWN MAFIA is an international game with players from around the world. The colors (RED vs BLUE) assigned to the gangs during tournament is purely random and it does not represent association to any real world entities.

    Deathmatches, Turf Wars and normal Gang wars all contribute to the tournament points earned. But the points are only earned on winning a war from the Gang of the opposite color. At the end of the Tournament, the side with more points wins. All the gangs on the winning side that took part in wars and won get the tournament prize. Also, all the gangs irrespective of the side they are on get special cash bonus based on the points they earned. During a tournament, if a gang changes color, their gang's tournament progress is lost. Also, if a gang loses more than 30% of their wars, gangs get locked and stop giving tournament points to opponent. They have to win wars to correct the ratio and unlock the gang again.

    What are tournament rewards?

    It let's you win Special Gangs Medals that give attack and defense. You also win Cash Bonus rewards based on the performance of your Gang. During some special tournaments you can also win Diamonds. At the end of the Tournament, Medals are awarded based on the ranking of the Gang in the tournament. Also, personal performance of each gang member can be seen in the Gang page. Based on the overall on you overall ranking in tournament special units are awarded to the top 20 players. A player's personal best ranking is shown on his/her profile.

    Gang Rewards for Each Member

    Gang Tier Gang Points Reward
    Demigod 40000+ 1600 Billion
    Eternal 20000~40000 800 Billion
    Legend 10000~20000 400 Billion
    Ace 5000~10000 200 Billion
    Elite 1000~5000 40 Billion
    Upsurger 100~1000 20 Billion
    Young Turk 10~100 2 Billion

    Player Rewards

    Rank Reward Attack Defence
    1 Thunderbolt Tank 650 570
    2~5 Military Stryker 350 250
    6~10 Marauder 260 120

    Top Cartels

    When a Gang belonging to a Cartel wins from a gang that belongs to an opposing Cartel, the tourney points are also added to the Cartel's score during a Tournament. At the end of the tournament, rewards are given out to all the gang members of the Cartel based on top rankings.

    Cartel Rank Reward
    1 400 Billion
    2~5 200 Billion
    6~10 100 Billion

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