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    Turfs are areas that are owned and run by gangs. The owners of turf receive money from these turfs at a set rate which is distributed among the gang members. But only the gang member assigned as an Operator by the Gang Boss can collect this money. If an Operator misses collecting a turf two consecutive times, the gang automatically loses the turf and it can be claimed by other gangs. A gang can stake claim over as many as 3 Turfs.They are similar to Operator but spread across more territories and are not restricted on Respect Level based Tiers. There are 37 Turfs across 5 countries and 8 Cities. The war to claim Turfs is also Special Tactics Based. The players can attack each other without considering their Level.


    City Turf Payout XP Challenge Tactic
    New York West Harlem 100000000~200000000 120 XP 100 Posse
    El Barrio 240000000~360000000 140 XP No Holds Barred
    Central Harlem 360000000~460000000 160 XP The Riot
    Hell's Kitchen 480000000~760000000 180 XP Death Race
    7th Avenue 800000000~1000000000 200 XP Mexican Standoff
    Brooklyn 220000000~300000000 130 XP Power Off
    Bronx 280000000~400000000 150 XP No Holds Barred
    Queens 400000000~560000000 170 XP No Holds Barred
    Chicago Roseland 200000000~300000000 125 XP The Riot
    Auburn 360000000~440000000 145 XP Power Off
    Englewood 460000000~720000000 165 XP No Holds Barred
    Little Italy 760000000~1360000000 185 XP No Holds Barred
    The Loop 1400000000~1500000000 205 XP Death Race
    Broadview 320000000~400000000 135 XP Raw Mettle
    Lawndale 420000000~640000000 155 XP Undead
    Logan Square 660000000~1000000000 175 XP No Holds Barred
    Los Angeles Skid Row 300000000~400000000 130 XP No Holds Barred
    Chesterfield Square 440000000~700000000 150 XP Power Off
    Compton 720000000~1100000000 170 XP 100 Posse
    Long Beach 1360000000~1440000000 190 XP Death Race
    Downtown L.A. 1500000000~2000000000 210 XP No Holds Barred
    San Pedro 400000000~600000000 140 XP No Holds Barred
    Hollywood 500000000~800000000 160 XP No Holds Barred
    Beverly Hills 1000000000~1400000000 180 XP Death Race
    Las Vegas Spring Valley 400000000~600000000 135 XP Raw Mettle
    D-Street 600000000~1000000000 155 XP Power Off
    Paradise 900000000~1400000000 175 XP Death Race
    Fremont 1600000000~1900000000 195 XP No Holds Barred
    Las Vegas Boulevard 2000000000~4000000000 215 XP No Holds Barred
    Henderson 500000000~800000000 145 XP The Riot
    Sunrise Manor 1000000000~1200000000 165 XP No Holds Barred
    Summerlin 1400000000~1600000000 185 XP No Holds Barred
    London East London 400000000~500000000 220 XP No Holds Barred
    North London 400000000~600000000 230 XP No Holds Barred
    MEXICO Mexico City 600000000~800000000 240 XP Raw Mettle
    SYDNEY Downtown Sydney 800000000~1000000000 250 XP No Holds Barred
    MOSCOW Downtown Moscow 1000000000~1200000000 260 XP No Holds Barred

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