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    Missions are tasks that you can do around the city which lets earn cash, skill and experience. Missions can be done in various territories located in cities around the world. Additional cities, territories and missions are unlocked as you reach specific levels.


    • Stamina
    • Inventory Items
    • Mob Members


    • Cash
    • XP
    • Skill Points
    • Loot Items

    Mission Mastery

    You can do the same mission multiple times to master it. Each time you do the mission, its completion percentage will go up and at 100% you will master the mission to gain extra rewards. The number of actions required to reach mastery may be different for each missions based on their difficulty level.

    Completing the mastery of all the missions in the city will unlock the next mastery level of the missions and you can master then all for even bigger rewards. Each mission has a total of 4 mastery levels.


    Some missions which are marked as LOOT missions has a probability of giving out some inventory as loot. The probability will be different for each of the missions based on its difficulty.

    It is worth noting that the payout evaluation is purely random and the actual number of actions required to get the loot item will be different for each player.


    • Missions are grouped inside cities (example: HARLEM)
    • Cities are grouped inside Territories (example: NEWYORK).
    • You can use the Airport feature in the game to travel to other countries (example: UK) to access new Territories which will unlock new cities and mission possibilities.

    Missions List

    The complete list of missions is available here, including the levels at which they unlock and the Special Items available for the Loot Missions.

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